Tricia Shank is a writer, photographer, humanitarian and an encourager of people.  Pulling from her past experience of surviving life altering traumas such as sexual assault, verbal/mental/emotional abuse, abandonment, self-injury, eating disorders and depression, she now leads others to a place of healing through love, hope, faith and grace. Tricia lives in south central Pennsylvania with her loving husband and three teenage daughters.

She has served, for more than a decade, in leadership roles for her local PTA, school committees and a youth football/cheer league which increased her love of serving others. Tricia is often referred to as inspiring, calming, and a compassionate force in others’  lives.

In her free time, Tricia enjoys reading blogs, Instagram!, photography, art, reading, home design and DIY projects! She has a great affinity for anything zen-like, bohemian, healing crystals, essential oils, holistic living, angels & guides, vintage, plants, especially succulents, flowers, art, music, the ocean, sunsets, skies & clouds, sunshine, rainy days, quiet alone time {true introvert}, Autumn & Spring, Panera, Target, TJ Maxx, Etsy, Amazon, thrift stores, (ok ok.. shopping!!), cafes, coffee dates with girlfriends, deep conversations, hot tea, chocolate!, macarons, sushi, vinyls- as in records, coffee mugs, candles, cozy blankets, & sweaters, laughter, spirituality, poetry or writing in general, babies and animals.

Her faith has led her into a role of passionate prayer warrior for herself, her family & friends, and anyone who is placed along the path of her life journey. She has embraced her life as an empath with healing hands. She rejoices in humanity and acts of love and kindness. Tricia is also a supporter of/advocate for a number of charities which you may find on the “Charities” page of this blog. Most of all, she loves life and has deep gratitude for the beauty that surrounds her every day. Being a woman of faith, Tricia gives all the glory to God as He has cradled her through trials and lifted her higher through triumphs.

Rejoice in the Lord and take refuge in Him.
~ Psalms 64:10