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be the salt

You are the salt of the earth. – Matthew 5:13

I was reminded of this today, after a two hour phone conversation with my aunt. Talking about our family and how much love resides within it. It is far from perfect. It is messy. It is chaotic. It is a plethora of ebb and flow but there is absolutely no question to the abundance of love we have for one another. I extend the honor to my beloved grandparents who were the most gracious examples of abiding love to our family. They set the bar high, people.

So, salt.

Salt is used to enhance the flavor of our food. If we get too much, it is too strong and it causes our mouth to water. However, if we use the right amount, our mouths can also water from anticipation of pleasing our palates. If salt is used to enhance the flavor of our food and we are the salt of the earth, this means we are to be used to enhance the flavor of the kingdom.

Salt is gritty. Its texture doesn’t promise smoothness. It is gritty. Life is gritty. We (and by we, I mean me) tend to cringe if we are left standing in the grittiness of life. I confess and repent to all of you from running away, withdrawing, and trying to hide from the grit of life. I sprinkled too much salt. It was unsavory. The only thing I was an expert at was retreating and fearing so many feelings I have been having while standing in the grittiness of my life. I was protecting my entree. I wanted it to taste sweet. And when the sweetness turned bitter, so did I. I became critical of most everyone around me. I became critical of my own ability to cope being covered in salt.

Salt is necessary. Grit is necessary. If we (I) keep running from, hiding from, withdrawing from the grittiness of life, how will we (I) ever really know the sweetness of victory once the grit is washed away? Life is not always savory and sweet. It is always going to have the grit and saltiness. But when we lean in and engage, the grit passes away. If we disengage, run from, and hide.. something in our spirit also passes away.

Pouring salt on open wounds burns. Badly. But then it doesn’t. A healing process begins to take place and if you try to add more salt to a healing wound, it doesn’t sting any longer. Salt (grit) is not our enemy. Healing is a process. There is no definitive timeline to our process. It is ours. We go through it and grow. We are meant to learn lessons. I am in one right now. Salt.

Be the salt of the earth. We are meant to add a magnificent flavor in all the earth.

And then we see with new eyes and hear with clarity and open our hearts more to see family, blood or not, as the most beautiful gift. We are little salt packets waiting to be sprinkled on the hearts of our brothers and sisters. When we align our hearts with His and stand WITH each other, knowing WHO we really are, dang… that is the most sought after flavor in the earth. It is a true delicacy.

Be the salt.

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