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I Am

(to be read in a “def jam poetry” sort of way) *** I am more than the sum of my parts Surface judging will never reveal who I am On the inside. Deeply rooted in a faith so strong Relationship with the King That unveils grace come morning So much so that I dance with… Read More I Am

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words matter

Since I got injured last Wednesday, I have been not-so-gingerly slipping up and down on the scale of optimism vs. pessimism. I admit that I spent more times on the negative end. I haven’t liked me here. It gets messy and hard and I feel like I come undone all over again. But somewhere inside,… Read More words matter

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On Campus

Yesterday, we moved my oldest daughter into her dorm at college. She is a freshman studying nursing with hopes of becoming a RN in obstetrics or pediatrics. It was such a bittersweet moment in her life, in my life. Such an honor to watch her grow into this amazing woman with such a bright future… Read More On Campus

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{look up}

Emily and I took a drive to her college campus yesterday to take care of some IT issues. I waited in the car for her but not for long. I just had to get out and breathe in the mountain air and to take some photos. The campus is rich in opportunity for the photographer… Read More {look up}