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In complete transparency, I didn’t want to go to church Sunday morning. Well, I wanted to go but I’d rather stay in bed. My body was tired. My mind was exhausted. Bed was providing all the comfort I needed. Lie. My alarm went off and I groaned as I rolled over to hit the snooze button.… Read More {moved}

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{messy truth}

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon last week. Sun was shining and a light breeze was going. So perfect for Prom night. The girls and I went out to my mother’s house where my cousin would be meeting us as she graciously offered to do their hair for them. Pictures would follow with my nephew… Read More {messy truth}

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{come what may}

It snowed again. I woke up frustrated because I am so over this harsh winter. I come alive with the sunshine, the warmth, the birds singing, the green grass, the beautiful flowers and bunnies playing in my backyard. Seriously, I do. I know that I am among thousands of others who do the same. We… Read More {come what may}