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Just Be Held

It is so important to have a safety net in friends and family. Not everyone, though, will be a part of that, as it isn’t for them to be an integral part of your life journey. That’s ok. But definitely something I have struggled with for awhile. Today, during a coffee date with one of… Read More Just Be Held

faith, inspiration, life, music


There is something inside of me that has been crying to get out but I keep holding it hostage. Just when I think I will surrender my control, I seemingly find a way to sabotage any progress made towards complete freedom. I don’t have to work for freedom. It is already mine to experience. But… Read More songbird

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I sit here in a room full of silence. The hum of the laptop, the tick of the clock, the drip of water from the bathtub, and, sometimes, the cars outside are the only sounds. So it really isn’t silent and I yearn for complete silence. These little sounds are aggravating. The little sounds wrap… Read More unsettled