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I Am


(to be read in a “def jam poetry” sort of way)


I am more than the sum of my parts

Surface judging will never reveal who I am

On the inside.

Deeply rooted in a faith so strong

Relationship with the King

That unveils grace come morning

So much so that I dance with


And my eyes fixed on Him

And all that I am because of Him

Fears, irrational or not

Dissipate in His presence

I am not blinded by the scars

Of tribulation

Laid across my skin – a battle zone

I am not deaf to the whispers

Of preying monsters living on the inside

But I hush them with a spiritual lullaby

I rage against all that once was

And fight for what will be

In me. Of me. By me. Through me.

A victory cry echoing from

Heart to heart

And warmly hugging souls

With my Jesus –

I am running wild in the glory

Of my Father

I am running free from

Unfathomable captivity

I am running to Me


Breaking chains, I will rise

Time after time

You see, I am

I am worthy

I am free

I am victory

I am.

I am royalty

I am loyalty

I am light

I am love

I am.

I am held not by boundaries

Placed upon me by outside predators

I am more than the outer layers

Of a prison made of flesh

I am deeply wounded

Yet healed by gracious love

I am shouting across the land

That I am His

Glorious and important

I am

And I rise

Time after time

I embrace realness

And shake off the fake

Pleasantries and mindless words

And hurtful stares

Don’t sit back and label me

With your spiteful stings

Of stereotypical lies

I am more than that

I was created with purpose

Beyond the vision in your eyes

I am created with intricate pieces

Of hope and endless love

It takes strength to be me

It takes a tenderness

So gentle, handle with care

I look at you as if I am Him

Try it.

Inhale the love that I exude

Behold the phenomenal woman

I am.

I am enough

I am here

Take a chance on me

Who are you?

What is your I am?

Share it

Live it

Be it

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