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trust without borders

It seems lately that I am being led to places that are meant to test me, my endurance, my strength, my faith.

All my life, that I can remember, I have been faced with a vast array of trials. If anyone knows me, they know that I am not a stranger to doing hard things.

It is what I do.

I DO hard things.

I know I am not unique in this position on the podium of life. I might wear a few more gold medals than I would really care to but I know I stand among many that do hard things. As we walk out these obstacles, these hard things, we can choose the way we handle it and the way in which we walk. Have you ever tried to get through hardship while fighting its purpose? Your legs feel like they are weighted in concrete blocks, making every step forward more and more of a challenge. So you just put another burden on top of the one you were already carrying. How’s that feel?

It’s painful. 

It’s exhausting.

It’s emotional.

It’s HARD.

Now, on the flip side, have you ever tried to get through a hardship while trusting without borders? What? Yeah, trust without borders. It does seem impossible but it really isn’t. Trust that you were made to do hard things. You were given a healthy dose of endurance, fortitude, gratitude, power, strength and wisdom. Trust in Him to walk beside you as your walk through the challenges you are facing. He is right there, always.


Trust that you are an overcomer. 

Trust that you were made for forward motion.

Trust that you do not have to remain stuck.

Trust that you can make it through that which tests you.

Trust that He will not let you fall harder than you are made to fall.

Yes, you were made to fall, friends. You were not promised this life without struggle. Some of us struggle with more than others, daily. But if you are not given HARD THINGS, then how will you ever grow? How will you ever claim your victory? How will you ever know how to handle future speed bumps that life throws your way? You will fall in this life. But trusting without borders allows you to get right back up again. It might take longer than you’d like it to take. You may still feel the sting of the cuts on your knees and the jagged edges of your heart might still threaten to tear open your flesh again. You may experience some stumbling along as you walk. That’s because we weren’t promised easy. But we were promised HIM. Trusting Him to guide us to the finish line is a freedom that some people will never know. Some people will continue their battles armed and ready for failure from the start. Some people succumb to their injuries by free will, not even trying to get up again.

Trust that you CAN walk it out.

Trust that you CAN overcome obstacles.

Trust that you CAN do hard things.

Look, I know it is easier said than done. But without faith in yourself and trusting the process, life is miserable. I know I don’t want to stay in a state of misery because of the challenges that I am thrown up against. I will stand in the battle, whether I feel confident or not, whether I feel strong enough or not, whether I want to give up or not. I will stand because I trust without borders. I trust that I will win the war waged against me. I mean, I have many battle scars to prove my endurance, to prove just how much I have already taken.

I will take more.

Yes, you read that correctly. I will take more. There is purpose in my story. There is purpose in my battles. There is purpose in my wounds, some still fresh and others healed but visible. My scars are a testimony of the life I am grateful for and proof that there is purpose in my choice to trust without borders.

I have been given the gift of doing hard things.

It is a gift because when I come out the other side a victor, I share my walk with others. Some are walking through the same battles and some might never have to walk through them because of my story. I have won the battle for them. I give them hope. I give them inspiration. I give them a source of wisdom. My life challenges are not in vain. They have purpose. And so do yours. You can choose to wear grace through the line of fire or you can stand defeated. I am here to encourage you to choose grace.

Choose grace, friends. 

Wear it like a badge of honor, a mark of courage, a shroud of hope.

And it all begins with trust. 

Without borders.

It may seem impossible to achieve that level of trust but I promise you it can happen. And it is so liberating. It is so empowering. It is so comforting to know that you don’t have to do the hard stuff alone. He is there with you. Listen for Him. Feel Him in your heart. Let Him have your heart. He wants us. He will take you deeper than you could ever wander alone. Your faith will be made stronger. Trust. It’s a big deal.

He is a big deal.

You are a big deal.

Life is a big deal.

Do not let your circumstances define you. You were given the ability to choose how you live it.

Don’t waste it drowning in self-pity. Don’t waste it lingering in sorrow. Don’t waste it by living in fear of failing. Don’t waste it carrying a cloak off darkness and anger. Don’t waste it being bitter. Don’t waste it living in silence. Don’t waste it by surrendering to defeat.

Surrender to HIM!

How, you ask?

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior


Your grace abounds in deepest waters
Your sovereign hand
Will be my guide
Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me
You’ve never failed and You won’t start now


And rest in His embrace.

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