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{walk upon the waters}

The other day, I was have revelation when God started downloading so fast into me that I could barely keep up as I began penning it to paper. Nine pages. I purged out nine pages of prophetic words. It happened so quickly that I can barely read my scribbles days later. But what you are about to read is what I clearly heard from God. I know that it was meant to touch at least one of you out there. This message is not just for my own growth, but for yours. I hope His words help you find your own revelations.

Right now, I don’t care who you are, I love you. I have always had a lot of love inside of me. I was meant for loving and changing lives. I know that now. I knew it for a long time actually but I just couldn’t accept it. I doubted my significance and my purpose. I had no real idea how I was supposed to sit with the realization that God made me special. He has made us all special but sometimes, He pours “extra” into some people. I understand now why I have always felt extremely different and why a lot of people all my life have chosen the word “special” to describe me. I would shy away from that recognition because I felt like a black sheep. I didn’t want to be special or feel the way I was feeling inside. However, where I stand now, in my life – it feels absolutely ridiculously amazing to feel this different and I embrace the “special” that God poured into me. He chose ME. Hallelujah!

Friends, we all have different walks to take. Some will be parallel to ours and some may be complete opposite – from spiritual walks & beliefs, to style, to looks, to personality. But I can promise you this, we were all made out of love in the core of our being. We were made from love to love. Let me repeat that –

We were made from love; to love.

I honor the walk that you are on and I politely ask you do the same for me because at the base of our friendship is LOVE – not our differences – just our LOVE. I am changing. I have been changing rapidly since April 2012.  The more I rest in Him, the more my life makes perfect sense; the more my purpose is clear.  I am becoming deeply rooted in Christ.

Walk with me.

Stand by me.

Love me through it all.

He is my refuge. He is my providence place, my safe harbor, my sanctuary, my anchor and my King.  The more I rest in Him, the more joy fills my spirit in spite of obstacles that I face.

Dance freely, My child!
Rejoice in My love for YOU!

You are my one true love! Be courageous, child. Speak unto others the words I give you. There is beauty in pain, you know this more than most. Shed your fake veils of pride. Dare to SHAKE UP your life! Change your story! Trust in the Lord Jesus with all your heart. He wants you. ALL of you! YOU! Believe that!

We often are terrified – cautious to reveal who are in Him because of the fears the world has placed on us.


No one wants to experience those pains but they might very well be a necessity to awaken YOU into your purpose and to make the decision that is a little less popular without worry of who might walk out of your life. As you begin to awaken into your identity – He provides the circle of love and acceptance around you. You don’t have seek it. He gives it to you! Interrupt who you thought you were in the eyes of the world and ERUPT in WHO YOU ALREADY ARE – IN HIM! You are made in His image. SHARE THAT WITH THE WORLD! (Oh come on, people, THAT is so so good!!) 

When you come into understanding of who you are and accept that you, yes YOU, impact the world – everything changes. It isn’t always an easy revelation to accept or walk in – I mean, come on, that’s BIG responsibility! So you must understand that sometimes it really will not be easy but be open and listen intently – your truth is always revealed at some point (or many points). Like I said previously, once you begin to accept and understand that you were made to change lives, including your own,


Yes, welcome to a new day in your life. Testify your love. Lives are changed, yours included, when love and grace reign in your heart! Impact the world. Do it! Woohoo!! Puddle jump, baby! Set sail into a new found freedom and realization that YOU are igniting the fire that is needed in the world as we know it. Hear the rumble of the earth. She is groaning for LOVE!!

When you choose to surrender, your life will truly begin to change. You don’t have to struggle for long. Lay your struggles at His feet and know that His promise is true – plans to prosper you, not harm you. I’ve spent many years hiding under layers of fat, both literally and metaphorically.  I tried to hide my true identity from everyone. I have suffocated the true child I was made to be. It was painful to stand in the reality of who I was (because I didn’t understand it) and sometimes,  it is painful still because I am still growing. But I can no longer hide. Oh no! Not happening, says Papa!


Self-pity, self-deprecation, and hiding behind the many masks were never a part of His amazing design of WHO I AM (of who YOU are)! He has called me out to walk upon the waters, to wherever He would call me, to take me deeper than my feet could ever wander and my faith made stronger in the presence of my Savior. He has told me that I am to prophesy, to help heal, to connect and to be the powerhouse peacemaker that I always knew I was. This is who I am. No longer will I hide the beauty of my title – son of God.

Oh – I am Yours and You are mine!

walkingwater_largeMatthew 14:22-33

I’ve climbed the walls and dug through the trenches and fought a courageous battle during my earthly life thus far. HE gave me victory so I must stand like the victorious warrior that I am. Stand with me! You are a victorious warrior, friend. Isn’t that exciting? Share your story. Do not hide the pain. Let the tears fall onto the pages of your life song. Share your story of triumph over tragedy. Let others know that they can be victorious too! HOW RIGHTEOUS IS THAT, my friends??

There is victory on the other side of that suffocating trial you are facing right now.
There is victory on the other side of those demons that fight you in the night.
There is victory in your struggle.

Drown yourself in bravery and stand on the other side of pain where victory has always been yours. Claim it! He has already won the war for you. Stop participating in so many self-inflicted battles – RISE ABOVE IT ALL!! He paid the ultimate price for your victory. Let your battle cries be heard but stand strong in victory. Stop giving it away as if you were rendered powerless. Don’t be a victim. Be a victor! Papa said –


This song… on repeat. It is life in the spirit. Let it speak to you.

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